A little positivity

After all that admission of guilt in the last post, I think I’ll roll with some of the things I’m not too bad at, in fact let’s make a list (don’t you just love a good list?).


  • All my food waste is going into the council composting bin.
  • I recycle quite a lot of stuff (I’m lucky that in Cambridge where I live the council collects loads of materials).
  • I try to switch lights off in the house.
  • I try to use freecycle or charity shops when I’m clearing stuff out.
  • I put on a jumper before I turn on the heating.
  • I try to think about what fish and meat I buy.
  • I never buy peruvian asparagus.
  • I repair some of my clothes and I shop to last, no fast fashion here.

Ok so nothing spectacular, but better than nothing.

So, what’s the plan then? As an enthusiastic consumer of eco/ make do and mend blogs I know that lots of their writers take on grand challenges; to buy nothing new (this is my fav, I love Jen), to go plastic free, have zero waste. I’m also a big fan of Karen Canard over at the rubbish diet, and I’m working my way through the back catalogue of her original blog.

But I’m a bit of a woose (hmm not sure I’ve ever tried to write woose down before, minor spelling trauma moment), and don’t think that I can manage grand schemes at the moment. So I’m going for a slow and steady approach, so that hopefully I stick with the changes.

Lots of these eco champions talk about how zero waste/ sustainability has become part of their lives, so they don’t really struggle at it anymore. I’m really hoping that’s true. There’s nothing more frustrating than looking at blog posts with ’10 easy changes’ and thinking, shit* that’s not really easy!

But hey this was meant to be the positive post, fluffy bunnies, resounding success, more anon.

*yes people it’s that kind of blog, delicate souls are free to tap out.



Confessions of a rubbish environmentalist

Is it best to start with full guilty disclosure? Am I ready to admit to my environmental failings? Well they do say that first you have to admit you have a problem, so let’s give it a go.

  • I don’t recycle everything that I can.
  • I don’t always make ecological or ethical purchasing choices.
  • I use way too much single use plastic!
  • Sometimes I lose track of food in my fridge and I end up letting it go off and throwing it away.
  • I buy bottled water when I’m out and accept Styrofoam containers when I fancy the food that comes in them.
  • I love getting a new phone, even when I could really make do with my old one.

Eek I think I might stop there for the time being. I think carrying on delving into things I fail at it might just depress me out of action. Perhaps it’s best to pull out the details one little bit at a time.

The big one that needs to be mentioned here though, is that I know what I’m doing is hurting the planet. I’m consuming more than my share of resources and helping pollute the seas, air and land.

So what are you going to do about it, I hear you ask?

Baby steps! I’m going to try and do better one change at a time.