Bin Day and my Inner Sloth

I’m hoping none of my neighbours noticed my stealthy nighttime bin photography, I may have looked a bit mad.


So here we are, two and a bit bags of landfill rubbish in two weeks. It actually looks better than I thought.

I’ve also had a radical bin related thought. I have more recycling than landfill waste so why don’t I swap round the bins I use in the house?! I’m not really sure why I didn’t think of this before, bit slow on the uptake. The bin I’m using for recycling at the mo is in a cupboard, so I’m hoping that the extra hassle of opening this up and taking the lid off will make me and my other half think a bit more about whether something can be recycled.

I’m a big fan of using laziness to make better choices. So far this is working really well for me with hankies and the old mooncup (less bins to empty). I wonder what other things I can do to channel my inner sloth. All thoughts welcome.



Join the revolution: Hankies!

Ok so this is something I’ve been raving about to everyone I know at the moment. I think I’d better calm it down so they don’t all think I’ve lost the plot. So it’s a good job you’re here internet, I’ll try to get it out of my system….HANKIES ARE AWESOME!

I have the true zeal of a convert.

I always thought that hankies were a bit gross, but I’d been looking around at things I throw away and tissues seemed like an easy hit.

I’m always carrying a tissue as I’ve got lots of mild allergies. Add to that, that I hate emptying bins around my house and you’ve got annoyingly overflowing bins full of tissues (no sniggering at the back).


And it turns out hankies are quite nice to use, especially if you make them in cute cottons.

collage-1486210116067Here’s some I made earlier. I made mine about 20cm square and did little hand rolled stitched hems because I wanted to make them in front of the tv, but you could easily run them up on the machine. I’ve got loads (too much?) of coloured cottons so used them, but I think this would be a good use of old clothes.