Bin Day and my Inner Sloth

I’m hoping none of my neighbours noticed my stealthy nighttime bin photography, I may have looked a bit mad.


So here we are, two and a bit bags of landfill rubbish in two weeks. It actually looks better than I thought.

I’ve also had a radical bin related thought. I have more recycling than landfill waste so why don’t I swap round the bins I use in the house?! I’m not really sure why I didn’t think of this before, bit slow on the uptake. The bin I’m using for recycling at the mo is in a cupboard, so I’m hoping that the extra hassle of opening this up and taking the lid off will make me and my other half think a bit more about whether something can be recycled.

I’m a big fan of using laziness to make better choices. So far this is working really well for me with hankies and the old mooncup (less bins to empty). I wonder what other things I can do to channel my inner sloth. All thoughts welcome.



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