Argh! So much recycling. This was everything I couldn’t fit in my wheelie bin on bin day. Not good. To be fair the extra bin bag is left from Christmas when I had 7 house guests, but still, not good.

I’ve just done my food shopping for the week and I think I’ve done quite well at the waste reduction. But it was totally because I didn’t do a supermarket run in the end. I needed to pick up something from my local fish shop (yep tropical fish owner, let’s not even go there ecologically speaking at the mo), which really conveniently has a veg/ general food shop attached. So I managed to get pretty much all my veg without packaging, just a paper bag for mushrooms and a couple of elastic bands on the spring onions.

Here’s all the packaged food I bought. Not too bad I think, even though there is a small styrofoam cup on the ham hock (mmmm boiled ham).





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