Supermarket sweep

I’ve been thinking about some baby step goals, you know, things to do without dramatically altering my life (sorry I did say I was a rubbish environmentalist). I think I’d like to know how much I can reduce my waste, especially plastic waste, but still shop at the supermarket.


My recycling container starting to overflow, eek it’s not bin day for 3 days and my wheely bin is already full.

I’m pretty certain that I could massively wipe out lots of packaging if I bought in the market. The problem is though, that I work full time and have quite a busy extra curricular schedule. I guess I could make the time if I really had to, but sometimes what’s theoretically possible would in practise make my head explode. So one stop shopping or online shopping is really great for me. Supermarket it is for the time being.

Has anyone else noticed that practically everything in the supermarket comes packaging these days? I’m specifically thinking of the fruit and veg. There hardly seems to be anything that isn’t at least in a plastic bag.

Notable exceptions are carrots, onions, some tomatoes, garlic, spring onions (although they do have a tie), mushrooms and parsnips. But I’m sure I used to be able to very loads of green veg loose.

I’ve also noticed that loads of things that once came in plastic wrap now have a hard plastic tray as well. I think this is because it gives people the impression that the food is premier quality. This is something I know I sometimes get sucked into. Sausages! Don’t they just look posher in a tray compared to the thin wrap! Mental note to stop being an advertising sucker.

Maybe some supermarkets are better than others. I’ll report back on progress at my next shop.




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