Vagina warning

Don’t worry there are no photos, it’s definitely NOT that kind of blog.

Let’s talk periods and rubbish…..still here? Ok, after the delight of the hankie and the realisation that being eco friendly meant I could be lazier and not empty bins, I started to look at the other bins in my life that I hate to empty. Bingo! That horrible one in the bathroom with the tampon applicators in it.

Yep, I’m going to out myself on the internet, I mostly flush my tampons away. I’ve really known I shouldn’t be doing this for years, but it’s so damn easy and the bin really is gross. Well I’m not alone in this, apparently half of us are up to this in the UK. I sort of suspect that the numbers might actually be higher than this, and that people are ashamed to admit it. Apparently around 200,000 tonnes of waste from menstrual products is disposed of each year and most tampons contain plastic in the form of rayon, something I hadn’t really though about until I started looking into these stats.

Well hopefully I’m crossing myself off the list and getting rid of the applicators and packaging too. Dun dun dun, I’ve bought a mooncup!

So let’s get all tech bloggy with a classic unboxing.

What’s in the packaging: we’ve got a receipt, two leaflets, the mooncup in a cotton bag and two stickers.

The stickers make me chuckle, I’m not quite sure I’m up for putting really quite large stickers of a menstrual product up. I suppose I could post them to friends?!

The big leaflet starts with the obligatory glowing reviews, including on that says you can use them whilst skiing and scuba diving. Surely a piss take of the rollerblading/ zip line using tampon adverts!?

All the nitty gritty info is in the little leaflet, designed to be kept. This tells you all about how to insert the cup, removed it and clean it. There’s also a troubleshooting section telling you not to panic if you have trouble removing your mooncup. Perhaps they could print that in friendly letters on the cover a la Douglas Adams.

So the cup itself comes in a cute linen bag with pink ribbon ties. I don’t really know how useful this is. I’m thinking I might need to think of a container to store it in, maybe something I can sterilize it in.

Just in case you are stats obsessed, you can also track your flow using the measurements on the side of the cup. Don’t get me wrong I love a graph, but maybe this would be a step too far. If anyone reading this has a graph however, please share.



I’ve gone for the size A cup in honor of being over 30 (am I alone in not knowing that my vagina apparently grew after the age of 30?). I’ll have to wait for the crimson tide before testing if I’ve got the right one and casting judgement.

* just to be clear there’s no financial gain for me mentioning mooncup, and as the Beeb would say, other brands are available.



2 thoughts on “Vagina warning

  1. devisecreateconcoct says:

    Menstrual cups are the best! I have one and my only regret is that I didn’t start using one it sooner. Another benefit (in addition to the environmental aspect) is saving money. Menstrual cups are a much better deal than pads and tampons. 🙂 really liking your blog and will be back for more.


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